What are Companies Saying?

"The 45-minute exercise not only allowed me to rethink many aspects of my business but also forced me to think realistically."  Marty Cohen, Owner, Mickey's Army-Navy


"After establishing our new business location several months ago, I was pleased to learn that there is a local program to help new and existing businesses to connect with the resources they need the most. In a brief meeting with Business Resource Network staff, we were able to discuss our most recent challenges and opportunities in order to identify which partner may best assist us. This program is such a valuable resource for local businesses and it only costs business owners about an hour of their time”, reported Dustin Corder, Vice President, ISI Systems, Inc.


"It's nice to see people like the Business Resource Network coming to lend a helping hand."  Heather Whisman, Owner, Awesome Town


The SBDC advisor “was very help-ful in steering me and Alterations Etc. in the direction we needed to be going. She was very instrumental in helping me to navigate the paperwork that was essential in establishing my business. I thank The BRN for their assistance”, stated Jenny Hickenbottom, Owner, Alterations Etc.


"The AEP representatives were very professional.  The BRN process has been simple, effortless and it's a good program that more businesses need to take advantage of."  Rick Finney, President, Finney Tire LLC


"The value I see in the Business Resource Network is that it is county and community centered and has the ability to target strong local resources as well as regional partners.  I found that the BRN interview process helped me articulate my "wish list" for training and developing the talent pipeline.  It also introduced me to the expanded and relevant offerings of many of the area training providers.  As a busy HR Manager of a major healthcare facility, I was very pleased to find the process well organized, efficient, and directed toward understanding the needs of my business and connecting me to valuable resources."  Danialle Lynce, Manager Human Resources, University Hospitals Geauga Medical Center


"I just wanted to thank you for bringing the Business Resource Network to my attention.  I never realized there were so many resources available to small businesses.  It has been wonderful to have a one stop source for so many items."  Anne M. Watkins, Office Manager, Environmental Friendly Energy Services


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What our Network Partners are Saying...

"I've been working with the BRN for the past three years and they are a great local asset.  They've helped the Mahoning Valley PTAC easily reach our program goals by introducing our services to business that we otherwise might not have reached.  They are my "go to" if I need local resource information to help my clients; they're very knowledgeable and quick to help."   Norma Webb, Program Manager, Mahoning Valley PTAC @ MVEDC


"The BRN has created great value for AEP (American Electric Power) in three basic areas important to the company; increased energy efficiency programming participation, identification/resolution of customer complaints, and early identification of potential economic development projects."  David Wheeler, General Manager of Community Affairs, American Electric Power


"The Business Resource Network has been the best and ONLY source in referring companies to the International Trade Assistance Center (ITAC) at Youngstown State University...From my experience, I could attest to their ultimate dedication, professionalism, passion, timely delivery, and quality value they add to local SMEs (subject matter experts)."  Mousa Kassis, ITAC International Trade Advisor


"EGCC is pleased to be an active member of the BRN.  The work the BRN does creates synergy with the Department of Workforce Development of EGCC.  Together, both organizations can be a valuable asset to local business in our region."  Mark Ciccarelli, Director of Workforce Development, Eastern Gateway Community College


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