Welcome to the

Business Resource Network (BRN)

Our Goal is to help you identify, understand and access the services your business needs.

Where can I source employees?  Are there incentives available to help my business expand?  How do I create a business plan?  Is exporting my product a possibility?

Business owners face these questions, and many more, on a daily basis.  The Business Resource Network (BRN) can help connect your business with resources that answer these questions through a single point of contact and at no charge.

The BRN is a partnership representing chambers of commerce, workforce and economic development organizations, universities, colleges, career and technical centers, community organizations, and state and local government agencies.  Our structure provides a seamless delivery system for a full range of programming resources, important funding streams, and real solutions for businesses.  Tailored information on incentives, tax breaks, employment and training assistance, succession and/or business plans, marketing, exporting assistance, expansion or upgrades and more are examples of client needs and challenges that can be addressed by the BRN.

Since July, 2012, we have assisted over 2500 businesses access over $15.7 million in workforce and economic development programs and incentives.

The large number and scope of available workforce and economic development programs is overwhelming to employers and as a result, they are not accessing nor using these resources.  Small to medium-sized companies, in particular, which must focus on their day-to-day operations, do not have the time to research and contact these resources.

The BRN takes the hundreds of resources and streamlines them into a single access point for employers, bringing them from Point A-to-Z of the process.  The BRN navigates through the red tape of governmental agencies and programs to determine which funding streams would be best suited to the employer's current and future needs to grow, improve, or expand their businesses.

Contact the BRN today to find out how a 60 minute comprehensive and confidential interview can help your business access over 40 partners and their resources to help your business thrive.  Our goal is to retain businesses in the region and help them grow by delivering key services and incentives with as little hassle and bureaucracy as possible.

Our services are free, confidential and we do not ask for proprietary information.  We are enriching our community by building stronger businesses!


Mission Statement

The Business Resource Network helps regional businesses thrive, grow and create jobs by bringing a strategic and collaborative approach to solving their problems and expanding their opportunities.

This client-centered approach transcends individual programs and red tape to focus on meeting the complete business service needs of the client and delivering measurable results to our clients and communities.

Vision Statement

Enrich Communities by Building Stronger Businesses.
 WHAT IF ...
 You could make one call to connect you with dozens of resources that can help your business grow?
 WHAT IF ...
 You had the brain power of several experts working on a growth plan for your business or to help you meet a challenge?
 WHAT IF ...
 You had one point of contact working hand in hand with you to deliver a package of grants, loans, worker training and other resources custom designed for your business?
 WHAT IF ...
 You could do this right now with no charge?